Meet The Team

Sarah – Chair and Founder

Sarah is an experienced paranormal investigator and researcher, having been actively involved in the paranormal for a number of years.  Sarah is a member of ASSAP (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) as well as The SPR (The Society for Psychical Research).  In addition, Sarah was one of the first paranormal investigators in the UK to be registered on the National Register of Professional Investigators (NRPI)


Audrey – Treasurer

Audrey has been involved in paranormal investigating for over the past 5 years as a serious investigator. Audrey had attended a number of commercial paranormal events, and felt she needed to utilise her skills and starting investigating seriously.

Audrey is a qualified first aider and manages our health and safety.


Dave – Technician and Investigator

Dave is an experienced investigator, and in-house expert with extraneous factors, Dave is a member of ASSAP and is also recently registered on the NRPI

Dave is a qualified BSAC Advanced Diver and Officer and approaches everything with an analytic mind.


Leanne – Website/Social Media and Investigator

Leanne has been investigating the paranormal for a number of years, and is a current member of ASSAP.

Leanne has successfully passed her entry exam to register on the NRPI.

Leanne is a teacher and is constantly analysing and looking at news way to carry out research.


Martin – Analyst and Researcher

Martin is relatively new to the paranormal world; however; with a strong logical thinking mind and keen researcher, he is perfect to keep us grounded. Martin analyses all findings against the reports received and historical records if relevant. He is also member of ASSAP.