Time doesn’t stand still…..

The first quarter is nearly over 

It never ceases to amaze us how time flies; is it whilst having fun? Well we are certainly having fun at CP so it must be true.

So what have we been up to? Our confidential investigation has concluded for the year; and we are currently analysing the pages of notes that our team have written up.

For control we set up our GoPros and sound system and we can say we had something very strange happen; very strange indeed.

We are certain that there is a perfectly rational explanation for what occurred, could could it not be?  We have sent the footage to a third party to review for us and look forward to their thoughts and questions.

We were asked if we could run a traditional ‘Ghost Hunt’ evening for the lovely guests that came last year; they like the professional way in which we run the event and trust the team fully.  We arranged to go to the lovely Mansion House in Cardiff; the Mansion House was the home of James Howell the founder of Howells Department Store in Cardiff (Now House of Fraser)

The house as been refurbished tastefully and often hosts dignitaries from across the world as well as Prince Charles.

Everyone had a wonderful evening; and we owe special thanks to the CP Team who came along to support and assist on the night.

Take a look at the house; by following the link below.

Mansion House Cardiff

We look forward to the next one.

We are now preparing for another investigation which starts in April; two of our most experienced investigators are managing the investigation, like with all our confidential investigations we are unable to share the details due to a non disclosure agreement and only the investigators involved in the invest itself will be aware of the location.

Aside from this our internal training is continuing well;  bringing investigators along using skills learnt at Ghostology last year and passing down ASSAP skills; all have fed back that the one to one guidance is very beneficial.

We have two investigators booked onto the advanced ASSAP training weekend in November and they are very much looking forward to it.

Over all; we have had an exceptional quarter so far; as well as constantly learning and evolving as a group;  our investigators are developing new skills each time they investigate.  As they say we never stop learning; and thankfully CP are a group and embrace change and advancement.

Until next time!

The Dining Room