Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to us

As I sit and ponder what to write in this yearly roundup I realise just how much we’ve achieved in just a year.

This post won’t be as detailed as it would normally be as we have our AGM (Annual General Meeting) in 4 weeks; so we’ll bore everyone with more details following that.

So how far have we really come in 12 months?

Well from making the decision to branch out and form a new group; leaving one that has been around for many years; people may of felt it was foolish.

Starting from scratch, but what better way to do it? So it was me Sarah, and a few close trusted friends/colleagues and off we went.

Having a clear vision of the group we wanted was easy, what took the longest was figuring out our group name; after purchasing a few domains Cymru Paranormal seemed to have a nice ring to it.

Even if people couldn’t pronounce the name they would know we were Welsh.

Very quickly friends wanted to join us, many with some outstanding talents that could really help strengthen and develop our group.

We weren’t officially started and we already had one confidential investigation to carry out; how wonderful that they believed in us to entrust us to carry out an investigation; we carried out a number and are due to return a year on to continue investigating.

Over the year we’ve been incredibly fortunate to have 3 buildings to investigate on a long term basis. Each one very different and covering different times of the year.

During the year we held the Ghostology course with Steve Parsons, which was a great hit; for many this was a different way of investigating and more inline with how we investigate.

We’ve also held a number of member investigations, these we pay to hire a location. Our group embraces diversity and during these we have clear divides so that everyone’s belief system can be utlilised and no-one feels they aren’t valued.

We’ve found this has worked incredibly well and has benefited many members in finding the correct path for themselves as well as allowing us to analyse full all findings.

We were also invited to share a location with BSPRI based over in Bristol; managed by Mark Davey and a trusted team; it was very good sharing and we are returning the favour in 2018.

BSPRI are aligned to our way of investigating and are an established group who I believe are entering into their 16th year.

From the very beginning we wished to become affiliated with ASSAP and were granted this a few months back. With 4 investigators having already carried out their training another 4 attended their first training session earlier in the year.

Our membership base grew very quickly and as we want to remain a small group we closed membership around 6 months ago. We have received requests to join since and the committee will consider applications in February.

So as we close our first year, we have purchased a number of pieces of equipment none of your expected pieces of kit, but some good camera’s and pens.

We have ongoing investigations and research, an outstanding group of members and a bit of money for a rainy day.

So all in all it’s been an incredible year and we look forward to our continual growth/development in 2018.